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Always Trying New Things

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The day I picked up a camera was the day I discovered a hidden part of myself. Photography is also my way of slowing down, escaping the norm and watching the world move at a more peaceful pace. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful this world is….yet it is so easy to miss that beauty when our lives are so busy.

Some photographers have a uniform, recognizable style. To me, it seems limiting to only photograph the world in one way, so I am always experimenting with different techniques to make a photograph come to life. I like to look for something of interest to photograph and then look beyond it to find a different way to take the shot. Photography allows me to get outside the box, be a bit rebellious, break some rules and get away with it.

My plan was to combine over 300 pics into one, but sadly I got rained out. The photo below was taken just before a rain storm. It is a combination of only 45 pictures taken every three seconds. I love the patterns the cloud movements make.

Waiting for another good cloudy day or a beautiful sunset….In the meantime this is what I got.

Always Trying New Things

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